Used Kubota


Why a used Kubota

Kubota is one of the oldest and most established manufacturing companies in the world, having been established in Japan in the late 1800’s , and now has a huge worldwide presence, which is an important factor when considering buying a used Kubota tractor or other product.

This both in terms of used Kubota parts , but also being able to make sure that people servicing or repairing your used Kubota have access to all the latest training and technological information.

If you are relying on agricultural machinery for your business, then it is even more important that you have confidence in the used Kubota you buy.

Kubota have always been known for their used tractors, and their sense of understanding as to why reliability and performance have been key factors in their success as a company.

Types of used Kubota

Kubota have always appreciated the importance of land development and farming, particularly in the vast landscapes of North America, where Kubota have had a presence since 1974.

Over time they have developed different models for different types of land usage, whilst maintaining their high standard of machinery production.In addition to their big scale farm machinery tractors, Kubota also produce smaller used kubota tractors, as well as machines that are specifically designed for home garden usage,and off road 4wd use. The main types of used Kubota available are listed below.

Used Kubota Types

Used Kubota BX Series

Used Kubota B Series

Used Kubota TLB Series

Used Kubota M Series

Used Kubota L Series

The used Kubota BX series are generally the smaller models, and used by people in more of a domestic setting, often used by people in their gardens or on short holdings. They can be used for mowing lawns or stretches of land,cleaning gardens or land, towing pieces of equipment and general small land machinery usage.

The used Kubota B Series tractor are powerful machines, and used in many commercial farms and land based operations, as well as for ground maintenance and small holding work.

The used Kubota BX 1860/ Kubota BX2360 and the used Kubota BX2660 are the top of the range of the Kubota Bx series.

Used Kubota BX features

They all come with a powerful diesel engine, eighteen, twenty three and twenty five and a half horsepower respectively. That sort of power makes them very heavy duty machines. Important though that is, what is also vitally important is that they can be handled effectively.

All of these used Kubota tractors come with hydrostatic power steering, which makes handling them at any speed much much easier and proportionately much safer.

These used Kubota tractors also come with a deluxe high back seat and high back reclining seat, which apparently makes a real difference to comfort and posture, something that is actually very important if you are spending long periods of time sitting down in it, and something that many manufacturers have ignored in the past.

All the used Kubota BX series have a reverse air flow, which means that the radiator is positioned in the middle of the tractor, rather than at the front of the tractor.

From a mechanical point of view, this is really important if you are buying a used Kubota, because it means there is less chance of them overheating. It also means the driver will stay cooler as there won’t be so much hot air floating around him – unless its coming from within him, that is !