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Used Kubota Tractors

Buying any used kubota tractor is an investment, not just in terms of money, but in making sure you get the right product as well.

Its quite possible your tractor will play some part in a commercial undertaking, so the need to get it right is not just about the money you will spend on the used kubota tractor.

Its also about making sure it can do the job you want it to, both in terms of its capability, but also in terms of its reliability.

Why a used Kubota

A lot of people buy products out of a sense of loyalty in its broadest terms, meaning either brand loyalty, or its a make that their family and friends have known and used over the years.

Thats certainly the case with  a used Kubota, a japanese company, where loyalty is a hugely important factor within a company’s culture and development.

Truth is that loyalty to a a product or company is not simply borne out of a liking for a particular product or brand, good though that amy be, it is also a cultural determinant.

The value of understanding loyalty if you are new to buying a product is in realizing its value to other people, and recognizing its importance as a result.

Types of used Kubota Tractor

Kubota classifies its agricultural machinery into four specific areas, although there is some overlap between vehicles, as to where they can be used and in what environments are suitable, as used kubota tarctors

That is a real part of used  Kubotas tractors strength, that they are very versatile and can be used in many different terrains.

Categories of used Kubota Tractor

The various categories of Kubota tractor are : Rural lifestyle, agriculture and utility, professional turf and landscape and construction, which can mean virtually anything!

To clarify a bit further, Kubota sub classify tractors into compact tractors, sub compact tractors, lawn tractors and garden tractors, as well as utility vehicles.

The two main series of used kubota compact tractor are the B series and the L series of tractors.

The B series of used Kubota tractors have a horsepower range of between 18 and 32 hp, whilst the L series of used Kubota tractors have a range of 30 and 59 hp, making them pretty mean machines.

Used Kubota Tractor B series

These are 4wd vehicles that are suitable for work ranging from light construction work through to domestic and/small garden work.

There are a number of models to choose from, the B2630, B3030, B2320,B2620, B2920,B3200 and B 3300SU.

They all have a number of important features, including the following:

A high output engine

Hydraulic independent PTO

More powerful HST

Mechanical cruise control

Multi reflective headlights

Slant nosed hood

A Tilt steering wheel

3 point hitch position control

Hydrostatic power steering